Late Night Online Discount

September 30th, 2011 by JakeRawlinson Leave a reply »

For those that prefer to order their favourite Domino’s later in the night…. you’ll be pleased to here Domino’s in Lincoln are now delivering ’til 3am, 7-days a week!

We also know that whether you’re a mini Insomniac; a late nigh gamer; just in from the night clubs; working nights or just back from work that being able to order your favourite Domino’s is better when you can get a great offer!

All our current offers are available late night, just as they are during the day except for our collection deal of Buy One Get One Free… only because we’re only open for delivery 11pm – 3am…. SURELY THAT’S WRONG?

TOO RIGHT, so order online at Domino’s and use the promotional code LATENITE and you can still choose BUY ONE GET ONE FREE and get it delivered!





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