Let's do Lunch!

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Lunch for a meeting?
Pizza is a great treat for lunchtime meetings and offers something for everyone with our wide range of toppings and side orders. We recommend that a large pizza, with 10 slices, serves three to four people – but if you are feeding those with a larger appetite, we suggest you work on four slices per person. Our medium pizzas have eight slices and a small has six.

Don’t forget to make sure you cater for any vegetarians by having at least one veggie pizza and adding a portion of potato wedges. If you don’t know the attendees’ likes and dislikes, it might be best avoiding spicy pizzas, such as those with jalapenos on them.

As well as pizza, we would suggest you order one chicken side dish for every two people..

Guaranteed to get those creative juices flowing and ease the tension in any meeting!

Lunch for one?

Our personal pizza offers four slices – perfect for one person. Or if you are having lunch with a friend, why not add a bit of variety with a half and half medium pizza.

Don’t forget that we offer a reduced fat cheese and a personal Chicken Feast pizza with Delight Mozzarella is just 560 calories – less than a Prêt a Manger Mozzarella Pesto Bloomer.

If you are choosing from our speciality pizzas, the lowest calorie options tend to be a plain cheese and tomato, vegetarian or even a Texas BBQ pizza.

We have a lunchtime deal for one person that includes a drink and, if you fancy something really special, why not pick up some delicious hot cookies for a lovely sweet treat after your pizza.


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