Domino’s Cup Final

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Final – Manor Leas v Chad Varah

The day of the Domino’s Cup Final came on Saturday between Manor Leas and Chad Varah.  Both teams got there by drawing two games and winning one, only scoring one goal each in the whole tournament.  No one expected what was about to come.

Chad Varah kicked off the game and within 10 seconds Bjorn Whitelam fired the ball and it crashed against the right post and cleared by Manor Leas defence.   Bjorn carried on putting pressure on the Manor Leas goal with two more shots on target which were brilliantly saved by Thomas Bontoft.

Manor Leas then took control of the game and two goals were scored within 3 minutes.  The first goal came from a pass across the goal to Lewis Smith who calmly tapped it into the back of the net.  The second goal came from Oscar Clark who fired the ball through the goalkeepers legs and into the goal.

With four minutes left to go Chad Varah came back strongly and Jordan Robson pulled back a goal and put them back in the game.  With 2 minutes to go it was looking like Manor Leas were going to win the game 2-1 but Chad Varah’s Caylum Speed fired the ball into the top right corner of the goal.

The game kicked off again for the final minute.  Manor Leas had possession of the ball but Chad Varah gave a free kick away just in front of their goal.  The free kick was taken and saved but Daniel Hobson ran onto the ball and fired the ball into the top left corner with seconds to spare.  The final whistle blew and Manor Leas were crowned champions after a thrilling match.


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