How do you order?

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There are many ways of ordering pizza nowadays, but which have you used and which do you prefer?

The traditional way and still the most popular is to call the store – By calling Lincoln North store on 01522 519933 our Lincoln South store on 01522 693366 or soon our Lincoln Central store on 01522 569988 (opens late December) you get to speak directly to one of our team members. You can ask them about our current money saving deals and order your favourite pizza or even create your own by adding your favourite toppings, and because every pizza is made fresh starting with our traditional fresh dough the choice really is yours! And we do get some unusual requests… double pineapple and Jalapeño peppers anyone?

Ordering online is becoming more and more popular and I don’t think it will be long before this catches-up with calling the store!

You can order online by going direct to browse the menu, view our HOT online deals and place your order at a pace that suits you. Again, you can choose our most popular pizzas or again create your own. You can take time to choose extra toppings or add our tasty starters. Ordering online is a very relaxed way of ordering and its the way I prefer to order.

You can even order from your iPhone nowadays that gives you a simple very easy to use interface! And don’t forget that if you order online you can see how your order is doing with the “online pizza tracker”

Other ways of ordering include pizza by text! Now that sounds strange! It is actually very straightforward and if you order the same pizzas or deals on a regular basis it is a very simple way of ordering and accounts for quite a few orders each week. You simply set up a number of deals, maybe call them Deal 1, Deal 2 and Deal 3… You then add your pizzas etc to the appropriate deal. Once saved, all you do is text say ‘deal 2’ to the text ordering number and your order arrives! How cool is that! Find out more at

Or why not pop into the store to order! It takes around 10-15 mins to make your order from scratch and you can watch our team make your pizza while you wait. It’s great for kids to watch the team ‘stretching’ and ‘slapping’ the fresh dough into a pizza base to add your fresh, favourite toppings… We even have a little step where they can stand and watch.

If you like to mix the way you order from us our local website is a good first visit.. You can view the latest menu and the deals along with other stuff relating to your local store. If you then want to order online simply click ‘ORDER ONLINE’  and it takes you straight to the Domino’s site. Or you can then simply call the store.

Which way do you order? Give us your feedback at or on our websites Contact Page


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