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We have found a brand new, simple way for you to support Special Olympics. They have created a website called everyclick that acts as a search engine. By using this page instead of any other search engines you can literally raise money for Special Olympics every time you click on it.

Check out the website now by going to
Everyclick works similar to any other major search engine however instead of using the usual engine search, while using

Everyclick: ,you will raise money for Special Olympics GB!
We are trying to sign up 500 people in 2010 to raise £2000, we have currently raised £336.52!

Get started, so how does it work?

Please make your homepage.

Sign up as a fundraiser for Special Olympics GB so the money from your searches comes directly to Special Olympics GB.

On average each web search generates approximately £0.05 – £0.01.

Everyclick is powered by Yahoo so you will get the same high quality search results.

The more people who use Everyclick, the more money is raised for Special Olympics GB. It’s a great way to give for free.

E.g: If you use Everyclick, to check your e-mails, the news, facebook, twitter etc, and we all know we can spend a lot of time in front of the computer and you could be doing a least 20 searches before you have realised it! This will have raised £0.2. This does not seem huge but if 200 people were doing the same thing, Special Olympics GB will raise £20 everyday!

Spread the word to your colleagues, friends and family. So get ready to click on


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