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November 10th, 2009 by JakeRawlinson Leave a reply »

IMG_5075Why blog? Our website has proved very popular and whilst we have a brief news section a blog is more fun and we can share your community stories along with news on what Domino’s Pizza in Lincoln is up to….

Our first blog is about our new store, due to open soon….

We opened our first Domino’s store in Lincoln back in 1999, which I guess makes us 10 years old this year! Back then we delivered to the North, South and Central Lincoln from our Tritton Road and for those of you who are old enough to remember it certainly seemed a lot easier to get around Lincoln.

4 years later in August 2003, we opened our second Lincoln store on Outer Circle Road and this certainly helped us deliver hot, tasty pizza to our customers in Lincoln a lot quicker… After all when you’re hungry, you’re hungry! Our aim as always been to get a fresh, hot and tasty pizza to your door in around 30 mins, and as Lincoln grew and the traffic grew the second store was very much needed to help us achieve this.

Later this year, if all goes to plan we open our third Lincoln store… Why do we need a third store in Lincoln?

Without getting too deep on issues beyond our control… The traffic is just getting worse in Lincoln! Hands-up all those who agree…

Over the past couple of years we have been focusing our teams to make your pizza (from scratch) and get it ready to leave the store in around 15 minutes, meaning we can deliver around 80% of orders in around 30 minutes. To be honest the teams achieve this very well, but little incidents and ongoing traffic issues make this more and more difficult and I’m guessing the eastern and southern by-pass are still a while off…. So, this is exactly why we are opening the third store on the bottom of the High Street (Gowts Bridge).

With three store in Lincoln we can continue to give our customers great service and that must be a good thing… As a added bonus we will also deliver to Washingborough, Heighington, Branston and Waddington which is good news for me too as I currently live outside our delivery area. Pepperoni Passion with added dried Chillies will be my regular order on my day off!!

We’ll update our website shortly, so you can see where each store will deliver by going to http://www.lincoln-pizza.co.uk/pages/our-stores.html

Over the coming weeks I’ll put a few photo’s up of our shopfitters at work


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