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A few months back Domino’s Pizza, the UK and Ireland’s fastest growing pizza delivery company, launched an innovative new ‘Real Time’ monitoring system, to measure service performance in order to get pizza ‘out-the-door’ in the minimum amount of time. This industry leading initiative is helping boost customer service levels at Domino’s nationwide.

The unique ‘Real Time’ system measures and drives store performance by monitoring the time it takes from when an order is placed by the customer until the time the pizza leaves the store. The groundbreaking data incorporates national average ‘out-the-door’ times for the whole of Domino’s UK and Ireland business, as well as for individual stores and is updated every 20 seconds.

A few weeks ago we also added a Online Pizza Tracker... This extends the ‘information’ available and allows our customers to better track where their order is and gives updated information.

Using the tracker you can see a changing display that shows when the order has arrived at the store, when it is in the oven, when it is ready for collection or on the road, it also tells you when our delivery driver is safely back at the store.

Domino’s has been at the forefront of home-delivered pizza innovation since it arrived in the UK 25 years ago and was first to introduce a wealth of inventions from HeatWaveTM technology which minimises heat loss during delivery to e-commerce. This latest technological innovation, ‘Real Time’, continues this market-leading tradition.

Note: It was by using tit_portal_pic_125680his information from the “Real Time’ system that we recognised that we need a third store in Lincoln. We aim to get your hot, fresh tasty pizza to your door in 30 minutes or less and by us monitoring ‘drive times’ the length of time our delivery drivers are on the road, we indentified that increasing traffic and ongoing road issues in Lincoln meant that to improve our service to our customers we needed to reduce ‘drive times’. By adding our third store on the High Street we take an important step towards achieving our ongoing goal of a ON-TIME delivery every time. For more details on the new store you can read our previous blog We’re moo-ving in soon!


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